ASPIRE CAIRNS exists to create a family-fun environment and a positive approach to Track and Field with focus on the development of our younger athletes in Cairns and the surrounding region.

At ASPIRE Cairns, our main focus is to develop the athlete as a whole, creating a safe, inclusive, diverse and fun environment for all our members with emphasis on a wide exposure to various training stimulus. ASPIRE Cairns follows the development structures set out and advised by the IAAF (International Athletics Association Federation).  We follow the basic principle of general training, which comes before Specific training. This means that the athletes learn skills and drills before training for a specific event. This ensures that all ASPIRE athletes are given the opportunity, tools and knowledge to develop the skills required to perform a multitude of track and field events and are continually developing their overall athletic ability.

At the start of every new season, athletes are asked to think about their individual goals. These can be health related, performance related or competition focused. The coaches then work with the athletes to tailor sessions specifically targeted towards these goals, all the while providing the athlete with a positive, supportive, motivating, and respectful squad environment to flourish in.

All ASPIRE members also give up their time to help fundraise for a foundation close to both Brendan and Brooke’s heart. The Indigenous Marathon Foundation has provided life-changing opportunity, education and reward for countless Indigenous men and women all over Australia. Brendan was lucky enough to be a part of the 2014 IMF squad which travelled to the USA to compete in the New York City Marathon. As a result, ASPIRE athletes have been given the opportunity to meet numerous IMF members and supporters and hear their inspirational stories of hard-work, sacrifice, determination and courage. We would like to give back to this great foundation and therefore ask that all members help out at various fundraisers held throughout the year.

ASPIRE Cairns is a successful and recongnised squad within the Far North Queensland Athletics community, with athletes coming from as far south as Innisfail, as far West as Ravenshoe and as far North as Mossman. With an outstanding background as a National level decathlete and over 15 years of coaching experience, ASPIRE Head Coach Brendan brings both his passion and his expertise to the training ground, helping you believe and achieve your goals!