Currently we do not have any available positions on our squad. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news and any updates on vacancies.


Athletics in the Far North is booming and it is fantastic to see so many of people wishing to improve and achieve your own personal goals. To deliver the best program we can to each and every athlete, we only have limited spots available. We find having too many athletes becomes difficult for us to manage and coach at the quality we wish to provide. More information can be found below to get a better understanding of what we are about.

Expectations from our Athletes: 

  • It is expected that ALL athletes commit to a 12 month term (4 school terms inclusive of school holidays). We invest much time in the programming and development of each athlete and believe that athletics is a long term sport and no one can improve dramatically in the short term. 

  • We train 3 - 5 times per week as a squad and each athlete has training to be completed from home on other days. It is expected that each athlete attends at least 3 squad sessions per week and the sessions set from home are completed. Attendance is marked so we can monitor athlete consistency. 

  • We understand that you may not be able to make all squad training sessions; however, we expect if you can't make it to training that we are contacted and you complete the session from home. 

  • We expect athletes to train all year round including school holiday periods.

  • We expect that the athlete competes in the sports of Cross Country and/or Track and Field at both school and club level. 

  • We expect that each athlete communicate effectively with the Coach and inform them of any injuries, soreness or niggles before, during or after training. 



We pride ourselves in being a fun, friendly and family orientated training squad. At ASPIRE Cairns we love positivity and good-sportsmanship. We understand that sport can bring its highs and lows and as a squad, aim to make each experience one in which our athletes remain positive, learn from and develop. 

Parent Engagement

We love parents who are involved in their child's sport and we completely understand that every parent wants what's best for their child. As a coach we too want what's best for your child and so we expect that parents respect our approach to our coaching philosophy and know that what we do from day to day has been planned with the goal of developing an athlete that will withstand years of training and above all else enjoyment. We rely on your trust to deliver our program the best way we can and trust that if followed correctly results will follow.

When and Where

We offer sessions 7 days per week with our main sessions on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Members get access to the training app which outlines the session time, location and any other needs.

Application Process

  1. Follow us on our socials (Facebook and Instagram) where we will announce any positions on offer

  2. Application form - If you feel that you would like to be a part of ASPIRE Cairns an Application Form will be completed

  3. Contact - We will get back to you of the result following your application if you have been selected or not.

  4. Trial period - This is a chance for you to see if what we are offering is what you are after. It also allows us to meet you and get an understanding of what you are looking for, see where your fitness level is at and decide whether our environment is right for you. 

  5. Squad member offer - New members form will be sent to you to complete and return at the commencement of your training journey.